Mudlogging services

  • Microscopic examination of drill cuttings for objective description of lithology
  • Chemical and UV light testing for hydrocarbon content
  • Total gas analysis based on 1% methane equivalent - 100 u (or client's acceptable standards)
  • Chromatographic Analysis, C1 through nC4, with computer-integrated printout
  • C1-C9 analysis of gas samples w/FID Chromatograph
  • H2S & CO2 monitoring
  • Third-party gas into Pason/ Totco system
  • Real-time data stream or equipment observer status to any device without special software
  • Calcimeter testing
  • One set dry samples—enveloped, labeled, and boxed
  • Drilling parameters, mud properties, Gamma curves, etc.
  • Wellsight Systems default logging program
  • Daily Reports with log updates
  • Sample catching, if required
  • Geosteering services will also soon be offered using SES Engineering software
Live data streaming to your Smartphone. If you want immediate access to your well data, 24/7—we can send real-time data feeds to your phone!