All of our employees have PEC/ Premier Basic Oilfield Safety Training, First Aid, and H2S training.

Additionally, our people have years of Mudlogging experience in the Appalachian Basin that is unrivaled. We know the various formations and how they drill. Whether your project is exploratory or developmental, we can provide consistently accurate service.

We are the only company that has mudlogged:

  • 4,000+ wells in the Appalachian Basin.
  • 70% of all Knox Unconformity wells drilled in Ohio since 1985
  • The 1st horizontal well drilled in Ohio (1989)
  • 16 Utica/ Pt. Pleasant Core wells in Ohio for several Operators
  • All of the Appalachian wells for Battelles' C02 sequestration project


Our goal is to promote a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees. We accomplish this through communication, safety training, and the promotion of a healthy and safe attitude among all of our personnel.