At Stratagraph, we take gas detection seriously. To that end, we offer the following equipment:

MSI Mlogger Series Digital Data Acquisition & Logging System

  • Oil-field Standard WITS Connection Including 3rd Party Gas or AUX track
  • CC/ TC Digital Hotwire for Total Gas & C1-nC4 Detection
  • Easy Data Export to LAS or ASCII File
  • Advanced Network Capability & Security: 128-bit SSL VPN
  • MControl Using Windows Interface
  • Worldwide Remote Access Directly to Device
  • Oil-field Tough Construction
  • Portable Self-contained Design with Proven Linux Operating System
  • 5OOmw WiFi Radio for Wireless Connectivity Anywhere on Location
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Mudlogging Systems Mlogger

IBALL Bloodhound

The Bloodhound™ was conceived and designed around network communications. With it, you can view real-time waterfall charts of gas units, O2, CO2, Hydrogen Sulfide, and chromatograph readings graphically and digitally on any device.

  • Total Gas and C1-nC4, H2S, CO2, O2
  • State-of-the-art, Non-dispersive, Non-saturating IR Sensors
  • Linear Detection with 99%+ Accuracy—and 2.5% and 100% C1 Calibrations Last up to 18 months
  • Witts Compatible via RS-422
  • Triple Redundancy of Data
  • Real-time Data Streaming to Your Smartphone without Special Software
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iBall Bloodhound

SRI Fast FID Chromatograph

  • Lab-based for C1-C9 Analysis from Samples Taken During Gas Shows
  • Generates Gas Ratio Reports
  • iC5-C9 Gas Curves can be Backed into the Mudlog
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